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Aren't the big networks the only game in town? Aren't their ads so expensive because they're the only ones who can provide quality traffic? Everyone else is buying Google ads so they must be working, right? They are definitely not working for many of the advertisers we have spoken with because the prices are just too...
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What We Do and Why We Do It

We provide pay-per-click ads at a fraction of the cost charged by Google and Yahoo/Bing. We do this via our proprietary platform which leverages both technology and fundamental laws of math and economics. Let’s explore the details:

While Google is the dominant search engine, it accounts for only 6 percent of overall internet traffic. At the same time, Google and Yahoo/Bing account for over 87% of all internet advertising spending. All these ads, as you know, are sold in an auction format to the highest bidder.

This means that 87% of the market is bidding on only 6% of the supply. Whatever product you are talking about, be it PPC ads or corn, these fundamental market conditions will always result in hyper-inflated prices. If you are reading this you have surely seen this in your niche or with your keywords on these networks.

At Blue Wing Ads, we buy clicks from other publishers: the ones who account for the other 94% of the total traffic on the internet. This reverses the equation from many people buying from one publisher with the minority of supply to one advertiser (you) buying from a large number of suppliers. When the market dynamics are reversed in this fashion and you have only a small percentage of people bidding on the vast majority of traffic, the result of course is significantly cheaper prices.

The end result is by leveraging the dynamics that exist in the marketplace today we get you the same keyword and geo-targeted clicks that Google and Yahoo Bing provide, but for a fraction of the cost. This allows you to run ads that are net profitable because they bring you in more money in revenue than you spend on placing the ads.

We developed this platform because we needed it ourselves as internet marketers. Like you, we found that the cost for PPC ads through Google and Yahoo/Bing was prohibitively high, regardless of how optimized our landing pages were. These inflated costs made it virtually impossible to run a profitable ad campaign on these networks.

Pure internet marketers have traditionally gone around this problem by trying out many different niche products that have relatively low cost on the Big Two networks, and subsequently optimizing their campaigns to a point where they can hopefully generate some profit. However, this trial-and-error process involves the investment of a lot of time and money. In addition, for a business owner who already has an established product, this is not a viable option, and many businesses are therefore effectively locked out of what has become the single most important means of generating growth by acquiring new customers in the 21st century – Internet Marketing. They are forced to rely on organic traffic to acquire new customers, which is great if you’re in the top 5 results of organic searches, but not optimal for the remaining 99% of businesses.

As is probably the case for you, we came from a background of SEO and driving organic traffic both for ourselves and clients. As you probably know, ranking organically via search engine optimization has become more and more of a challenge as time progresses. It is clear that this is by design as Google is actively trying to make it more and more expensive to rank organically so as to justify the steadily increasing pay-per-click costs. Further, Google is continually re-shuffling the deck, by changing their search algorithms, so as to make people who were ranking lose those rankings in hopes that they will then turn to PPC for an alternative source of traffic.

This led us to test countless “alternative” or “2nd tier” ad networks and publishers. This is probably the same thought process you followed which is why you are here. Over a year of testing countless traffic sources on countless landing pages we almost gave up. This is because we found that most were sending just junk and spam traffic. Finally, however, after a year of constant testing and optimizations we were able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Part of how we did this was by developing our own traffic monitoring system. This allows us to monitor all traffic that we buy. We then shut down traffic sources which do not provide quality traffic and increase buying from sources which provide good converting traffic. This is a crucial differentiator because we have found that even “good” traffic sources are a mix of good and bad publishers so they must be constantly monitored and managed in order to consistently convert.

In the end, after developing this platform we decided rather than just use it for our own marketing endeavors to share it with other business and entrepreneurs. This is because we believe the ultimate purpose of undertaking any business endeavor is to help other people to succeed and thereby make a positive contribution to society. To learn more about how we can help you to grow your business and to make your ad campaigns successful and profitable please contact us.