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Case Study 3

Tokyowheel – “How Blue Wing Ads Helped Tokyowheel Reach Customers in Over 40 Countries and Achieve a 255% ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)!”

About Tokyowheel

Tokyowheel saw its first days in Japan when founder James Ferrer realized there was need for higher quality carbon bike wheels. Dedicated to crafting premium carbon wheels for cyclists, Tokyowheel has seen great success in expanding to the international level. Their offer of free shipping worldwide has certainly helped them achieve impressive results: TokyoWheel have now been sold in over 40 countries around the world.


The Challenge

Tokyowheel has a product that speaks for itself, and the fact that they offer free shipping worldwide makes them stand out in the crowd. Once customers are exposed to the brand and a conversation is started, Tokyowheel has no difficulty creating another satisfied customer. The biggest challenge for Tokyowheel was increasing traffic, reaching a higher volume of avid cyclists, and doing so in cost-effective way that would maximize ROI.


The Solution

The solution for Tokyowheel’s predicament was found in Blue Wing Ads. By more effectively tapping into this niche market, using Custom Audiences to identify avid cyclists around the world who are actively searching for carbon wheels, and showing them engaging Interactive Ads, Tokyowheel began to see stellar results even in the first two weeks of the campaign. Tokyowheel has not only been able to gain valuable new customers, but they have also been able to enhance their ability to bring prospects back to their website to make a purchase.


The Benefits

Tokyowheel has seen a significant jump in sales since beginning a campaign with Blue Wing. Their custom, rich media ads have been shown millions of times to valuable prospects around the world. Because of this, their brand image is in a constant state of expansion. The number of return customers and the number of referrals have both increased.

The Results:

In just the first weeks of the campaign and $7,625 in budget, 1,089,334 ads were shown. These ads generated 61,357 ad interactions, 13 sales, and $19,500.00 in revenue. This works out to a whopping 255% ROAS or Return on Ad Spend, just in the initial trial!

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