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Fraud Prevention

At Blue Wing Ads providing the highest quality traffic for the lowest possible price is our mission. As business owners ourselves we know that only high-quality traffic converts to sales. Therefore, preventing fraudulent or bot clicks and blocking unproductive publishers by actively managing campaign sources are crucial determinants of success.

We have put a lot of time and effort into developing a platform and methodology that allows us to manage customer campaigns in the most efficient way possible.  We spent a year testing and analyzing the results from every traffic source and ad network imaginable. We eliminated the unproductive ones so that we could start with the cream of the crop. We use only networks which have been proven in our in-house testing and in customer beta testing to provide legitimate keyword and geo-targeted human visitors.

Just as a side note, it was quite shocking to us what a small percentage of the networks we set to explore actually survived our testing. We found that, in some ways, there is a good reason why Google and Yahoo/Bing charge the outrageous prices that they do, because we saw in our own testing that a significant portion of the alternative networks out there provide mostly, if not all, junk or automated traffic. This leaves the individual advertiser stuck, because it’s too involved for them to find the legitimate alternative markets and sellers, and then manage all the campaigns and bidding.

The partners we found in the end tend to be larger providers with high monthly minimums who sometimes do not deal with individual or small advertisers directly. Therefore, gaining access to these networks means you need a high monthly budget and/or an intermediary agency or platform like the one Blue Wing Ads provides.

Each of our partner networks has sophisticated fraud detection of their own which we have found to be effective. This is what we use as our first layer of defense against poor quality or automated bot traffic.

On top of this, we have developed our own in-house traffic monitoring system, which allows us to track and adjust the sources and bids for the traffic we buy on your behalf. We create optimum ad performance by cutting off traffic sources which are underperforming and increasing spending on sources which are performing well.

All of this stems from our commitment to providing you with the best quality traffic at the lowest price.  To talk with us about how to profitably advertise your business with Blue Wing Ads simply fill out our contact form.

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