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Internet Marketing Made Easy

Time is the most valuable commodity for any business owner, especially in today’s fast-paced environment, full of an infinite variety of tasks and distractions constantly competing for our attention.

We are also (acutely) aware of how time-consuming the process of setting up and managing an internet marketing campaign can be, especially when done correctly.

It takes countless hours, and/or the assistance of a paid consultant, just to learn the ins-and-outs of Internet advertising and how to correctly implement, manage, and optimize online advertising campaigns.

Furthermore, each of the big networks has their own system, policies, interface, etc. that must be learned. Even with everything setup and optimized correctly, frequently the keyword bids on the major networks are so high that it’s still impossible to make a profit. For more info on this, please see: https://bluewingads.com/ppc-made-profitable/ ‎

With Blue Wing, you don’t need to re-invent the wheel or spend more than a few hours a month on your Internet marketing activities. Blue Wing’s total managed solutions will free you to concentrate on the things that are most important to you.

We do all the setup, keyword research, ad creation, campaign management and reporting for you as a part of our service at no additional charge. We save you money by getting you in front of your target customers for a fraction of what you would pay on major networks like Adsense, Yahoo!/Bing, and Facebook. For details on this, see: https://bluewingads.com/can-blue-wing-ads-work-for-me-if-googleyahoobing-have-not/

We provide Guaranteed Results Advertising whereby we pay for all the ads and only charge a pre-agreed fixed rate per conversion. This can be a huge help to people who are new to PPC ads and worried about high costs and low returns. Also, we can target just traffic that you’re losing now, guaranteeing we’ll bring them back to convert, or we don’t get paid. Finally, we have our new Launch program for Small and Medium sized businesses. Launch allows smaller sites to get the word out and build reliable conversion and traffic metrics. Then, they can quickly transition to a Cost-Per-Conversion aka Guaranteed Results Advertising Campaign.

To learn more about Blue Wing and how we make your internet advertising profitable and hassle free, please reach out to us.

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