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At BlueWing Ads, our only goal is to grow your business profitably. We do this by reaching your exact target audience with  rich-media and video interactive ads, at a fraction of the cost the major networks charge for static plain-text ads.

We do this via Interactive Ads, Custom Audiences, and Real-Time-Bidding, which leverage both technology and the fundamental laws of math and economics. Let’s explore the details:

While Google, Yahoo!/Bing, and Facebook account for the majority of internet advertising spending, they represent only a small portion of overall internet traffic, and therefore advertising supply.

This means the majority of the market is bidding on the minority of the supply. Whatever the product, be it PPC ads or corn, these fundamental market conditions will always result in significantly inflated prices.

If you are reading this article, you have surely noticed this effect with the per-click prices of your keywords on the major networks.

At Blue Wing Ads, we create a custom audience comprised of people who:

– Have visited your site but not converted

– Have visited a competitor’s site.

– Have searched for one of your keywords.

– Displayed a behavioral match to your requirements (e.g. typed into a forum “Where’s the best place to buy a ____ ?”

We call this custom audience the “Personal Prospect Pool”.

Once a user is in the Personal Prospect Pool, we know that individual person is a great candidate who needs to know about our services.

When those people subsequently visit sites (whatever those sites may be) we then bid, via Real-Time-Bidding on all major exchanges to place you ad in front of that specific user on that specific site in real time.

This reverses the supply and demand equation in favor of you, the advertiser. Now instead of bidding against all of your competitors you are usually the only bidder. You are now paying a fraction of a cent to display an ad to a qualified prospect as opposed to bidding in advance for clicks.

We developed this system because we needed it ourselves as internet marketers. Like you, we found that the cost for PPC ads through Google, Yahoo!/Bing, and Facebook was prohibitively high, regardless of how optimized our landing pages were. These inflated costs made it virtually impossible to run a profitable ad campaign on these networks. Yet, to run a campaign with Interactive Ads, Custom Audiences, and Real-Time-Bidding was impossibly expensive.

At Blue Wing Ads we strive to help businesses small and large to grow their online revenue. To learn more about how we can help you to grow your business and to make your ad campaigns successful and profitable please contact us.

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