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Fraud Prevention

At Blue Wing Ads providing the highest quality traffic for the lowest possible price is our mission. As business owners ourselves we know that only high-quality traffic converts to sales. Therefore, preventing fraudulent or bot clicks and blocking unproductive publishers by actively managing campaign sources are crucial determinants of success.

Typical Pay-Per-Click and search advertising is replete with fraud and bot clicks.

Advertisers get paid every time someone clicks on an ad on their site. This gives them both the ability and the incentive to commit fraud.

Furthermore, many times competitors will click on each other’s ads in the hopes of making them reach their daily budget and disappear. This way, when a legitimate prospect arrives, the ad will already have been clicked and will no longer be visible.

In contrast, at Blue Wing, we create a custom audience, or Personal Prospect Pool, based on documented behaviors. We then bid in real time to show people in this pool your ads.

Now, the ads are shown in real time, and the publisher gets paid regardless of whether or not the visitor clicks. This removes both the incentive and ability for fraudulent, malicious or bot clicks to occur.

We wish it wasn’t so but in today’s world fraudulent clicks is a massive hidden tax on advertisers on the major networks. Blue Wing has worked hard to create a system for our advertisers which eliminates this fraud and thereby greatly increases ROI.

All of this stems from our commitment to providing you with profitable advertising solutions.  To talk with us about how you can grow your business with Blue Wing Ads, simply fill out our contact form.

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