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New Insurance Marketing Program For Insurance Agency Lead Generation

Blue Wing specializes in Cost-Per-Action advertising, whereby customers only pay for conversions generated. This is especially helpful to insurance agencies as the insurance vertical has become incredibly expensive and competitive. On Google Adwords, for example, insurance keywords such as Auto Insurance Sacramento can be extremely expensive, sometimes over $100 per click!

This has led many owners of agencies to ask us to develop an insurance marketing program. For cases like that, we’ve created “Insure” by Blue Wing Ads.

We run the whole campaign, you only pay for the calls and / or clicks (your choice!) we generate.

In the Insure program we:

– Create a Custom Audience of likely prospects (e.g. people who are searching “Auto Insurance Quote Philadelphia” or who are visiting sites about “Insurance Brokers Philly”), per your specifications.

– Create and show online banner ads to Custom Audience Members millions of times via Real Time Bidding on all major exchanges and publishers (including Google, Facebook, Yahoo!/Bing, etc.).

– Send Direct Mail to Custom Audience Members (Coming Soon)

– Generate calls to your sales team and / or clicks to your website (your  choice!)

In summary, we identify and target online in-market prospects to create initial exposure, interest , and quotation requests. We guarantee our results and you only pay for the results we generate.

For calls, you have a 120 second buffer to qualify the prospect and make sure they are indeed in your area and looking for a quote before you’re charged!

Blue Wing’s new Insure Program gives you an Online Display Ad Campaign with Custom Audience, Real-Time-Bidding, and call center capabilities. You only pay for the leads generated by your campaign. The cost is a fraction of what you what it currently costs to generate leads or even to get one click with Google Adwords. This allows agencies to scale without risk, grow revenue quickly, and measure performance at every step.

No one else in the Insurance industry will run an omni-channel campaign and guarantee results except Blue Wing Ads. We do it because we believe this is the best and only way we know to prove what we’re doing works.

To start a trial campaign with as few as 10 leads per day, please contact a Blue Wing Ads Account Executive here.

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