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Legal Marketing Service Guarantees Attorneys New Clients!

Does your law firm need new clients? Have you found that advertising online is more difficult and expensive than ever? Do you want new customers, yet don’t want the upfront cost and risk of running ads? If so, read on because Blue Wing’s Legal Marketing Program is made for you!

Our motto is: “We Don’t Have Competition” because no-one can match what we offer: Guaranteed Results. Here’s how we’re different, and what we’ll discuss in this article:

– Guaranteed Results Advertising

– How We Charge: Only For Results

– Exclusivity: What It Is, & Why It Matters

– No Risk, No Hassles, No Obligations

1) Guaranteed Results Advertising:

– We run the entire campaign for you.

– You ONLY pay for the qualified clients delivered, period.

– YOU qualify each client. (e.g. Person is in LA looking for a bankruptcy lawyer)

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2) Conversion Definition: We ONLY charge for valid, verified client consultations. A Client Consultation is only considered valid when all three of the following are true:

– Client is looking for a lawyer in your case-type.

– Has not already retained a lawyer

– Is within your specified geographic area.

3) Invalid Conversion Examples: If any of the following are true, of course the client is invalid and not chargeable:

– No answer, Hang-up, Wrong / Invalid #

– Not in Your Specified Geographical Area

– Wrong Case Type: (Calling DUI Lawyer for Bankruptcy)

– Already Has A Lawyer Retained

4) 100% Exclusive: We do all the heavy-lifting and then pass the “hand raisers” over to you. Unlike junk Legal Directory Leads which are shared by dozens of lawyers, we generate Individual Consultation Requests directly and exclusively for you:

– Goes Direct to You

– No One Else Gets The Client

– Never Re-sold

– Not Incentivized Or Compensated In Any Way Ever

– 100% Exclusive Forever

5) Results Not Excuses: If you need more customers for your law firm, call us today. There’s no risk or obligation, we only get paid if we bring you new clients. There are no long term contracts, commitments, or anything of the sort.

To learn more and start a trial please feel free to reach out to me (Jeff) or contact a Blue Wing Ads Account Executive via the contact us page here, email: info@bluewingads.com, or call: (312) 239-8949.

We charge less to deliver you a new client than Google charges for one click!

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You Need Clients, Not Clicks!

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