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Why Do I Need Blue Wing?

A common question we get from some of our perspective customers is why they need Blue Wing Ads, and what’s preventing them from doing the same thing we’re doing on their own.

If you’ve run ads on the big networks like Google or Yahoo/Bing, you know how much work it takes just to set up and manage a single campaign. In addition to the outrageously high cost-per-click, advertisers pay specialists on places like Elance $40-60 per hour just to setup and manage their campaigns.

Blue Wing creates an entire set of desktop, mobile, and even in-app ads at no charge to you. These ads are interactive, rich-media, and proven to generate far superior results when compared with text ads or static banners.

Blue Wing then works with big data vendors to create a real-time Custom Audience of people who search for your keyword, visit competitors sites, etc. At Blue Wing Ads we call this your Personal Prospect Pool.

Once we have that Personal Prospect Pool, we use Real-Time-Bidding to show your ads to those people, on sites they visit all over the internet. You are usually the only bidder, so it costs only a fraction of a cent to reach a prospect.

Creating this system took years of testing and development as well as extensive investment and financial commitment. For mid size advertisers this would be unfeasible, so we created Blue Wing Ads to give them access to these same systems.

The end result: we bring new customers for a much lower price than you could achieve on your own or with the big networks. We have our “Launch” program for small business and startups, and Guaranteed Results Advertising for smaller sites.

This means no matter how big or small your company is, Blue Wing will help you to grow your business with online advertising guaranteed! We do this so you can focus on what’s most important to you: running your business.

Remember, at Blue Wing Ads we only make money if we make you money! So, if you are struggling to make your internet advertising work for you, we’re here to help. Please feel free to reach out to us via our website at www.bluewingads.com.

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