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Case Study 2

Beach Republic  – “Luxury / Specialty Hotel Advertising:

Driving Direct and OTM Sales”

About Beach Republic

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Beach Republic is a premier beach resort in southern Thailand. The self-contained exclusive destination comprises the stunning Ocean Club and Restaurant, the indulgent Beach Republic Asian Fusion Spa, and Beach Republic The Residences – a collection of 39 deluxe suites, private pool villas, and penthouses. Beach Republic stands apart from the crowd with a unique feel and culture of its very own, styled as an independent state.


The Challenge

Beach Republic has a lot of unique selling points that set it apart from other rentals, but because it is located in such a popular region the main challenge for the property is seen in the amount of competition; there are innumerable rental properties in the area, and each one is fighting for the business. Another challenge is that many people book their vacation rentals through a separate site such as agoda.com, which forces the owner of the property to accept a lower price per room. Beach republic needed to find a way to reach people searching for rentals in southern Thailand, and increase direct online bookings.

The Solution

Utilizing Blue Wing’s ability to laser-target prospects based on factors such as demographics, search queries, and competitor site matches, Beach Republic was not only able to increase site traffic and expand their brand awareness across the globe, but they also saw significant increase in direct bookings and average order value (see results below).


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Total Spend: $2,511

Total On-Site Revenue Generated: $7,499

ROAS (Return on Ad Spend): 299%

Ads Shown: 717,496

Ad Engagements Generated: 51,475

Clicks Generated: 921

Total Blue Wing Revenue: $7,499

Total Other Revenue: $26,823

Percentage of Revenue Generated by Blue Wing: 27.96%

Blue Wing Average Order Value: $1,500

Non-Blue Wing Average Order Value: $725


This case study shows how even in very narrow and targeted niches, Blue Wing will identify great prospects, get in front of them for a fraction of a cent via Real Time Bidding, and engage and convert them with Interactive Rich-Media Ads. The result, increased reach, increased sales, higher average order value, lower costs, better reach.

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