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Guaranteed Results Advertising


Internet Marketing Made Easy

Time is the most valuable commodity for any business owner, especially in today's fast-paced environment, full of an infinite variety of tasks and distractions constantly competing for our attention. We are also (acutely) aware of how time-consuming the process of setting up and managing an internet marketing campaign can be, especially when done correctly. It takes countless...
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Profitable Online Ads

At BlueWing Ads, our only goal is to grow your business profitably. We do this by reaching your exact target audience with  rich-media and video interactive ads, at a fraction of the cost the major networks charge for static plain-text ads. We do this via Interactive Ads, Custom Audiences, and Real-Time-Bidding, which leverage both technology and the...
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Fraud Prevention

At Blue Wing Ads providing the highest quality traffic for the lowest possible price is our mission. As business owners ourselves we know that only high-quality traffic converts to sales. Therefore, preventing fraudulent or bot clicks and blocking unproductive publishers by actively managing campaign sources are crucial determinants of success. We have put a lot of...
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AD Visibility & Reach

Aren't the big networks the only game in town? Aren't their ads so expensive because they're the only ones who can provide quality traffic? Everyone else is buying Google ads so they must be working, right? They are definitely not working for many of the advertisers we have spoken with because the prices are just too...
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CPA Advertising Podcast

Listen as Jeffrey Libby of Blue Wing Ads joins host Tony Scelzo on The Line, a show from Stringcan.com.

In each episode Tony interviews leading experts from emerging companies to discuss new technologies and the best business practices pertaining to their unique company and industry.

In this episode Jeff Libby discusses Blue Wing Ads Guaranteed Results (Cost-Per-Acquisition / Cost Per Conversion) business model and how it works and fits into the overall online advertising ecosystem.

For more information and to schedule a meeting with one of our sales executives please visit https://bluewingads.com/contacts/



CPA Pricing & Partner Selection

Blue Wing operates like a combination of a venture capital firm and an online advertising agency. We select partners to work with and invest our money in their advertising campaigns. We are paid only for the results that we directly generate, after we've successfully delivered. Exactly how does Blue Wing select partners to work with and...
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