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Aren’t the big networks the only game in town? Aren’t their ads so expensive because they’re the only ones who can provide quality traffic? Everyone else is buying Google ads so they must be working, right?

They are definitely not working for many of the advertisers we have spoken with because the prices are just too high. This is likely your experience too, which is probably why you’re looking for alternatives. Fortunately, contrary to what the big guys would like you to believe, the bulk of the ads and ad activity on the internet is not on their pages.

For example, think about your own browsing behavior. How much time do you actually spend on Google search? How many ads to do you click on the Google search page? How many ads do you see/click on other pages?

Statistically, people spend the vast majority of their time on pages other than the Google search page. The Google search page acts as a launch pad for investigating a subject or a product they want to buy. That’s why although many people start out their browsing session on Google, Google still only accounts for only around 6% of all internet traffic.

Where is the other 94% of the traffic then?

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Exchanges through which we buy inventory in real-time.

Let’s look at the typical Google search step-by-step. Around 1% of people who do a search will click on an actual Google ad on the search results page. The vast majority will instead click on an organic search result, which will bring them to another page, like a blog, containing information about the subject they are interested in. From there, they may click on an ad on that page (this is where our ads are), click a link to another site (where our ads appear as well), or, they may go back to Google and do another search.

You will probably find when you look at your own browsing behavior that you are like most people and start your search on Google or Yahoo!/Bing. However, at the end of the day if you look back through your browsing history you will probably see that, like most everyone else, you spent the majority of your time on pages other than the search results page.

This is one of the main reasons why we created Blue Wing Ads. As internet marketers ourselves, we know that if you have ads on pages other than the Google or Yahoo!/Bing search page, people will see them, respond to them, and click on them.

It makes little sense to pay the few major ad networks huge premiums for clicks.

Blue Wing creates a Custom Audience (Personal Prospect Pool) and then places your ad in front of these audience members on sites they visit all over the internet. The end result is exposure to hyper targeted prospects for a fraction of  what the big networks charge.

Real Time Bidding CPM Graphic

Blue Wing bids in real time to place your ad in front of targeted prospects.

To learn how effective online advertising can help grow your business please contact us to schedule a call with one of our experienced Account Executives.

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